Quel Gardens, customized vertical gardens.

In Quel gardens, vertical gardens, in addition to the standard products that you already know, we have a department of advice and design of customized vertical gardens.

Thanks experience gained in the different projects in which we have acted and to the versatility of the product we have designed, Quel gardens advises and designs the vertical garden ideal for your interior or exterior space, providing the best solution in each case.

Where is a vertical garden?

The applications of the vertical gardens is very wide and varied, with our designs you can give free rein to your imagination and we develop an ecological product, sustainable and long lasting.

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In interiors, we can incorporate a vertical garden in commercial premises, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, museums, convention rooms ... For the home, we can develop solutions with decorative components such as an antique frame , Old windows, frames with palet wood or whatever you can think of. In all cases being medium or large formats, to facilitate the use of the vertical garden, we usually incorporate a water tank for irrigation at the top with built-in drip system and a tank for collecting water remaining at the bottom, systems Hidden, which allow us to save important water and time in maintaining the garden.

In exteriors, we can find a vertical garden on terraces and private balconies, public commercial buildings facades, shopping centers... In these cases and depending on the use and space in which the garden is located, we can also Incorporate the drip irrigation system.

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Recommendations for use.

For the proper operation of the vertical garden is recommended to use forest or peat land (without clay), this makes when watering the garden, the excess water that expel impermeable flowerpots do not drag clay residues and can stain walls or floors.

In the interior gardens, the bags of planting have the exact measure to be able to insert the plant in its own pot, it is recommended (except the designs with water collection) that this system is used so that, in the moment of watering, you can Remove the pots and water the plants well in the sink, laundry or on the floor of a terrace and leave them for a few minutes to drain and expel excess water and then put them back in the bags of the vertical garden.

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