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About Quel Gardens and our products

Quel Gardens, vertical gardens, was born in Ciutadella of Minorca after accumulating a long experience for 15 years working with waterproofing materials, and it was during a visit to a fair of construction materials and innovation, where we stumbled onto a stand with a wall landscaped, spectacular, but seeing it well, we could see that it was a very complex structure and cost disproportionate and within reach of few.

This idea did not disappear, on the contrary, it became a challenge to be able to develop a system of vertical garden that is simpler and cheaper, that could be within the reach of any budget, but which in turn adapts to the times in which we live, where small houses, economic adjustments and the evolution of societies have led to a drastic reduction of green spaces, and thus began to create our first vertical garden in the courtyard of our home.

Already in 2013, after several designs and tests, we went slowly, perfecting the system, working with different materials and doing tests of environment and adaptation in different spaces, involving in these our friends and their home. The surprise came in Christmas, where even with the product without marketing, we began to have a great demand for vertical gardens of small format to give, which encouraged us to undertake this new project officially and with great enthusiasm.

And the road continued to grow, when in 2015, we started the year with many orders and requests for vertical garden projects tailored for terraces, private gardens, commercial spaces, restaurants and hotels. Everything, small challenges that have encouraged the creation of new models, ideas and many desires to continue and improve day by day.

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Our Materials

The base of our vertical gardens is the waterproof sheet, there are several on the market, but we always use the ecological waterproof sheet, much lighter and also non-toxic when welding or use.

Recycling is also our constant mission to collaborate with the environment, that is why the frames are made with recycled wood, in addition to using frames, windows, old windows typical of Menorca or any possible support that allows us to make an original and sustainable garden.

The materials we use are always of the highest quality, in the great majority of times, they are restored and prepared to be durable and resistant, which guarantees us the success of our work.

The ecology and sustainability of the products we produce is very important for us, so we always work with environmentally friendly materials, both the dyes and insecticides and fungicides with which we treat the wood are water-based, solvent-free or Smells.