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The Quel Gardens Vertical in street art edition of 2017 is pendant, rotating and is framed.

From July to September our vertical garden is hung on the Avenue Captain Negrete in Ciutadella (Menorca).

Several artists decorate with their works the streets, corners, squares or facades in the center of Ciutadella, turning the pleasant walk into a fortuitous encounter of an improvised artistic work, a surprise in the street, eventual, that can be transformed into a fun cultural search.

In the summer of 2015 we participated for the first time in this street art competition with two vertical decorations on shop fronts.

Two windows turned into vertical gardens that open to the main street and are watered by two children of real size cardboard. Manuel and Nuria are the protagonists of this work.

The facade of a florist is stepped by vertical avarcas or avarcas are vertically directed to a florist ....?

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