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In all the houses, patios, balconies, offices, public buildings, shopping centers, streets, avenues, parks ... we have always seen plants or flowers decorating and giving color, bringing life to any concrete corner that surrounds us. And we need to have vegetation nearby, however, it is increasingly difficult to keep it, the urban pressure, pollution, spaces increasingly reduced and lack of time are the great walls that rise around us.

Quel Garden decorates those walls with vertical gardens to overthrow the oppressions, to help oxygenate our environment with plants that decorate, that make us happy, that bring us life among so much dead matter.

 The Vertical of Quel Gardens also save us time and space.

There are no more excuses, the gardens are renewed, they are committed to green, natural, fashionable and are introduced to any place or environment.

Quel Gardens exposes you a wide range, from a simple suspended planter, a living painting, a corner, a wall or a garden roof.

Now the gardens are mobile, they are useful, they have more than just a decorative function, don’t you think?


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Precioso y muy práctico, con todas las plantas en la pared el espacio del patio queda todo disponible. Muy buena idea.
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