Aromatic gardens

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Do you like those magazine kitchens or TV shows? Very well designed, neat, and always culang some culinary plant that brings freshness and naturalness. Everyone who likes to cook is excited about having a mini garden at home, vegetables, culinary or aromatic plants.

With the verticals of Quel Gardens you have the best option to hang where you want your favorite plants and enjoy them, fresh every day.

The aromatic or culinary plants are not difficult to cultivate, you only have to think about the needs of the type of plants that you want to cultivate, these plants usually have factors in common, use them to plant them together.

 The Chives and the Dill are seasonal but they are well adapted.

 Parsley is slow at first but very productive.

The Mint expands a lot and reproduces easily so try to have it controlled in a pot.

The Basil is in season and has variants in purple, with large leaf and small leaf, the latter if it fits well can live all year.

Cilantro, Thyme, Stevia, Melisa, Marjoram and Oregano are highly recommended plants that you can easily enjoy at home.

We ourselves have cultivated in the vertical garden of the terrace of house, and it is a pleasure to collect the leaves for salad, lettuce, arugula, chives, oregano, basil ... a few mint leaves for lemonade and some sprigs of thyme For infusion. Following some simple tips, you can also make your own garden.

Quel Gardens recommends you start planting with seeds to better adapt to the site, since most do not accept the transplant or change of location. To choose the place where to locate the Culinary Garden is essential to have about 6 hours daily direct light.

The size of the planter must be at least 1 Liter so that the roots grow well, it must have a good drainage with holes in the base, so you can use any model of the vertical gardens of Quel Gardens. Do not overdo the irrigation, in fact it is better to plant plants that have similarities so you will have easier to water and you can recognize better when they are growing, for example, put together the ones you want to use for salad and on the other hand group the aromatic.

The harvest should be done little by little, picking the necessary leaves without leaving it peeled, thus it motivates its growth and delays the maturation. When mature, most are easy to reproduce by cuttings.

Take the time to create your own personalized garden with Quel Gardens, the biggest advantage of vertical gardens is the comfort and space saving, you can hang them wherever you want, you can choose the place where your plants grow best and change at any time.


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